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Lumineers are very thin and highly esthetic porcelain veneers. They can be as thin as a contact lens and partially cover your teeth.

How do LUMINEERS work?

Lumineers are permanently cemented to your teeth, giving you a beautiful and attractive smile.

How are LUMINEERS different from other porcelain veneers?

When placing Lumineers, your doctor uses a special technique, called A.R.T. , which allows for minimal or no removal of tooth structure. In other words, there is little or no grinding on your teeth.

Can LUMINEERS be bleached?

No, no porcelain veneers or crowns will change their shade with bleaching.

Can LUMINEERS replace missing teeth?

No, Lumineers can only improve the shape, shade (color) and alignment of your existing natural teeth. They can also close small gaps between your teeth.

How do I know if LUMINEERS are for me?

Lumineers are not for everyone. To find out if these beautiful veneers are the best esthetic solution for you, schedule a consultation with Dr Catrinel Jordan. She has received advanced training and is a Certified Lumineers provider.

“Every smile is unique. I can help you find the best version of your smile.” Dr Catrinel Jordan


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